What is goodbye but the prelude to our next hello?

I suppose this is me, following suit with the mass exodus of Hetalia roleplayers putting their blogs on semi-permanent hiatus. Given that my grievances with this community constitutes an immensely long list that I feel would be impolite to put here, I felt uncomfortable keeping this blog in a state of activity.

It was, overall, a lovely experience and I thank the members of the community-that-was for accepting my Ivan with all his differing (and not altogether shimmery) facets of characterization. For the people in the community that encouraged me when I was afraid to present my Ivan because of how different he was, you have my profound gratitude, and I miss you all now that you have disappeared into the internet ether; I hope we encounter each other again one day. That would be ideal.

Despite the misconception of several of the RP partners I had on this blog, this was by no means my first character to play in this community and I...find myself disappointed in what this community has reshaped itself into.

But as a friend of mine put it, you cannot clean the mud puddle by placing a bar of soap in it; it only dirties your soap.

To whom it matters, you have the means to contact me if you so desire. If you do not, I will on occasion check the inbox for this blog.

So for now, I bow out and let the curtain close with some amount of my self-dignity maintained.

As ever, I wish all of you my best.